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what is b.y.e?

B.Y.E. is T.H.A.W signature fitness program. The concept of B.Y.E first started as Hip Hop Aerobics in 2018, then Fit Box Aerobics in 2019 to its now trademarked name B.Y.E., which stands for Boxing Yoga Exhale. During the 60-minute class, women go through 

  • 5-10min warm-up

  • 35-40min of boxing combos 

  • 10-20min of Stretching, Breathwork, Meditation focusing on uniting mind, body and spirit.

Classes are $20 per month or $10 drop in fee.

Save more with a monthly fee. 


Classes occur Mondays at 6:30pm at

7061 Lemington Ave

Pittsburgh Pa 15206. 

Entrance is on the Churchland St (the backside of the building). Parking is available. Use the doors center of the building. Doors will be opened until 6:35pm. 


Working out, in general, has wonderful effects on the mind and body. But boxing specifically has a few different jabs and twists that make it specifically useful when dealing with anxiety. Whether it’s because you are releasing endorphins or being able to focus your energy and thoughts towards one thing, boxing has a way of training your mind while keeping it calm. Here are a list of other benefits of B.Y.E: 

  1. Stress Relief: The intense exercise of boxing not only gets you in great shape but it releases endorphins in the brain which makes you feel good. In today’s world, leaving all that stress inside you can affect your mental and physical health. We have all had times where we have been pent up with anger and frustration and letting it all out can be a great relief! 

  2. Intense workout that burns fat! You can burn 350-600 calories in a single class, making it the best sport for weight loss that is readily available everywhere. Expect to work on your endurance with continuance punches, as part of the fat-blasting boxing circuits that are part of any serious workout for boxing.

  3. Full Body Workout: Just because you punch with your hands, doesn’t mean that boxing doesn’t incorporate the full body. We power through our shoulders, back, chest, core, legs, and hips to generate power and force.

  4. Increase Confidence: Boxing gives people a way to express themselves and by getting in better shape and looking good in the mirror, it will make you feel better inside and this newfound confidence will also show on the outside and be plain for everyone to see.

  5. Fit4God Yoga: See the benefits of yoga in our Fit4God Yoga program. All classes end with a 10-15min Fit4God Yoga routine


Attend from your own home!

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Boxing Yoga Exhale!

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