Weekly class that helps relieve stress, frustration, and anger.  Negative emotions can be channeled into a punch.  Studies have shown that boxing has been effective in relieving stress and anger.  The class ends with 10 minutes of meditative yoga to help release tension and regain balance.

Boxing Yoga Exhale  (B.Y.E.)


A Book club for African American women of all ages.  The goal is to inspire women to find themselves and grow together.  Opportunity to share concerns and different perceptions.  The Club starts in January with a vision board party.  Based on each persons vision board, six topics for books for the year.  Book club meeting are usually on Sundays from 1:30 - 3:30 pm.

Reading to Inspire Sisters Elevate

Behavioral Change Programs

Coming Soon!

We have developed a program committee, which includes Dr. Camille Clarke, and 3 social workers, which will help develop culturally- specific programs from African American women and the communities they live in.