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$30 Per Month
BYE Logo.png
$10 Per CLASS


Held at:
1137 Washington Blvd.
Pittsburgh, 15206.

The BYE program aims to offer a well-rounded 60-minute workout session that integrates the physical exertion of boxing and the relaxing postures of yoga, providing a perfect blend for both the body and mind. The goal is to cater to diverse community members, helping them to enhance their physical fitness and mental well-being through a unique fusion of two well-established disciplines.


1. Improve participants’ cardiovascular health, muscular strength, and flexibility.
2. Foster mental wellness t
hrough stress reduction and enhanced mood.
3. Build a community of individuals who share fitness and wellness goals.


Class Structure 

1. Warm-Up (10 minutes) -
2. Boxing Segment (30 minutes) 
3. Yoga Segment (15 minutes) 
4. Meditative Closing (5 minutes

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