If you have a love for reading and enjoy the company of American American Women whom share that same enthusiasm, then R.I.S.E. book club is for you.

Mission Statement

The mission of this faith-based book club is to inspire reading amongst women, with open hearts and minds for self-awareness, self-elevation, self-love and self-kindness. Our hope is that members of this club will grow spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and financially. 



We want to foster an environment that promotes sisterhood and unity, where women feel safe and comfortable to voice their innermost thoughts and feelings, therefore as a group we covenant as sisters to keep all intimate information between us and within the boundary of our book club. 



This book club will be open to all women.  The maximum number of members for this book club shall not exceed 10 members, unless decided upon by the facilitators Michele Rice-Kirkwood and Camille Clarke-Smith. Upon reaching the maximum number of members, an additional chapter of this book club shall be generated.  All chapters shall not exceed 12 members.


Reading Books Makes You Better







  • Book club shall be held no less than six weeks apart on Sundays at 1:30pm starting after the Vision Board Launch Party. 

  • Members are responsible for attending meetings regularly.  If any member misses two consecutive meetings, she will be determined to be non-compliant in her membership agreement. If a member is unable to attend a meeting for any reason, she must contact Camille immediately before the meeting. 


Book Selections

Books will be chosen by members of the group based on themes chosen during the Vision Board Launch Party. After each meeting names will be entered and drawn, whomever name is drawn will select the book for the upcoming month, this will also be the person who will host the next meeting. 

Several Open Books