Mission statement:

To improve the health and quality of life for African American Women and the communities they live in; through education and other interventions that promote health awareness and personal development.

We at T.H.A.W. Inc. wish everyone good health and wellness during these troubling times. Please use the link below to obtain the latest information on how to stay safe from COVID-19. We also want to inform everyone about our new services (listed below), as well as how to stay connected with us while practicing social distancing.

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COVID-19 Update: T.H.A.W.’s Response

 We support you!  We have two new online programs!

 At T.H.A.W. Inc, we pride ourselves on supporting the health and well-being of African American women, their families, and the communities they live in. It is our core determination to uplift and strengthen these demographics, especially at this present time when it’s needed most. We are working in conjunction with government regulations and heeding precautions such as social distancing. In doing so, we want to keep everyone informed on any changes to our social engagements and community programs. As we face these unprecedented and challenging times together, we want you to know that we are more committed than ever to support the African American women, their families and communities.  
Since the onset of COVID-19, we have been monitoring the evolution of the virus very carefully and following the guidance from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). In keeping compliant with regulatory guidelines; we have made the decision to reschedule our Lincoln-Lemington Community Walk and Health Fair (usually held in May); delay the start of B.Y.E classes until June; and go virtual with the R.I.S.E Book Club meetings for the foreseeable future.
We want to assure you that the work of T.H.A.W. Inc will not stop! We are here for African American Women, their families and communities; and will look for meaningful and safe ways to stay connected with the community during these difficult times. To help support you and the community, T.H.A.W will be launching two new programs: Transformation Thursdays and T.H.A.W. Transformation Talk.  
 Transformation Thursdays is a weekly tip, from one of our Board Members, on how to cope during this difficult time. This weekly tip will be shared on our Facebook @thawinc2
T.H.A.W. Transformation Talk is a virtual support group with T.H.A.W.’s Board Members, and open to all women, to discuss issues, experiences and strategies to coping with social isolation, emotional distress, lack of physical activity and the mental impacts of the current situation. If you are interested in joining us during this talk, please message us on our Facebook page (@thawinc2) with your email address and phone number. We are aiming to have this program running asap so please register online today!
We sincerely hope that you and your loved ones remain safe and healthy, and we look forward to reuniting with our community soon.
Camille Clarke Smith, President  

Friday, March 27th, 2020